10 Explorers, 7 Adventures, 1 Trip of a lifetime!


Explorers – Globe’s youngest students – bring a unique energy and atmosphere to the school. We have been hosting very young children (7-10 years of age) for twenty years now and strive to make their experience at the Globe the most fun that they’ve ever had. This week, we wanted to give you an insight into what our Explorers get up to during their time at the Globe.

exeter exoticsWe were treated to a visit from Exeter Exotics with a selection of animals they look after. Amongst the “ooohs” and “aaahs”, highlights included a Bearded Dragon called Mrs B and a Tarantula called Rosie. The children got to stroke many of the animals and learnt about the habits and habitats of the strange creatures. After that they took part in a quiz which improved their awareness and knowledge of unusual animals from the corners of the world.





food festivalAmong some glimpses of sun, our Explorers wandered through the Exeter Food Festival. Many children got to sample some local varieties of ice creams, cakes and even some curries that they found rather hotter than they expected. In the children’s tent they listened to a curious little tale of a green monster that only likes green food and then sat down with an abundance of materials to make some delicious looking ‘food’.






 Many of the students took part in football practice with a professional coach. Passing, dribbling and working as a team were all essential to getting all ages to get to know each other. Mixed genders, nationalities and age groups all participated in the final football game that resulted in some fine goal action!






kents cavern


The next day saw Explorers venture into Kent’s Cavern where they saw beautiful dripping structures looming above. The students were guided past the ‘face’ which suspect might have been revered as a god. The tour went all the way round to a treasure chest containing a Woolly Mammoth’s milk molar tooth and carved depictions of the evolution of the human skull. After that it was time for ice cream and the local varieties were certainly delicious.







On another afternoon, the students strolled down to Haven Banks on the Quay: an activity centre that caters for a variety of different sports including archery and kayaking. The Explorers walked down to the targets with instructors and gallantly attempted the bull’s eye challenge! The long grass provided the perfect playing conditions when they weren’t shooting the (easily lost) arrows.







The gentle slope up to the peak provided a lovely walk through the natural moorland brush. Plenty of animals live on the moor, such as horses and rabbits ,making it a more sustainable environment. There were 2 peaks, one for the ‘grown-ups’ and a milder one for the Explorers, but that didn’t stop it from being a great climbing opportunity. The views over the countryside are spectacular and the fresh air is invigorating.







Exeter museum brought the Explorers to the present all the way from the beginning of time. The new layout took us around various exhibits displaying an amazing array of artifacts (both local and international) and for the bravest of adventurers, huge wild animals lurked upstairs from the beautiful Tiger to the towering Giraffe.



What a week! Long may the adventures continue.





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