Teaching teachers in Switzerland


Chrissi Florides, Director of Studies for the Globe English Centre, spent two days (24th-25th January) in the wonderful city of Bern, Switzerland, where she took part in the annual ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) conference.

The conference was attended by more than 200 teachers from Switzerland and other countries – Poland, Lichtenstein, Austria and Italy to name a few. It was a valuable learning experience for the teachers, as there was a range of educational workshops on offer; Chrissi hosted two of these: 

  • “Exploring context / deepening understanding”

    Very often students learn a word or a structure, are able to recognize it in an exercise and give
    the correct answer, but often cannot use it in a real situation. The aim of this workshop
    was to present ideas that encourage students to explore language more deeply. The activities focus
    on challenging students to develop their understanding and use of language to help them to
    become more confident and proficient users.

  • “Warmers, games and fillers”

    Have you ever run out of ideas 10 minutes before the end of your class? Or needed something
    fun to start or fill a lesson? This was a practical workshop aiming to give teachers easy-to-use activities that can slot into any part of the lesson.

The feedback Chrissi received was overwhelmingly positive, with many delegates enjoying the new ideas and being able to use them in their classrooms the day after!

Chrissi runs a teacher training blog which features a vast selection of training and methodology materials and ideas, as well as lesson examples.  Read more here: www.globeenglishtraining.wordpress.com 


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