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The Globe - Why choose Exeter?

You will soon feel at home and be able to relax into the traditional English way of life in Exeter.

A thriving, lively city of 130,000 inhabitants, Exeter, with its magnificent Cathedral, has a great historic tradition and has seen the Romans, William the Conqueror, and many other illustrious figures. It is also a busy cultural centre with cinemas, theatres, excellent shops and sports facilities.

Images of Exeter and Coastline near Globe English Centre

  •  Capital City of Devon, which has for the last century been the number one region for British holidaymakers and is the safest part of England to live in.

  • Regularly voted number one English City for the Quality of Life due to its low crime and pollution rates, great cultural , recreational, welfare and commercial facilities.

  •  People have time to talk and still practise traditional English hospitality. You will soon feel part of a safe and friendly community.

  •  Sea and beaches within 20 minutes of the city centre and almost every sport available within the city.

  •  Important cultural centre with the highly rated Exeter University and Exeter College of Further Education.

  •  Easy access! Only 2 hours by train from London.