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Student Feedback


The Globe team always aim to provide you with the best possible experience during your time with us.  Here is what some of our past students have said about their time at the Globe:



The group really enjoyed their lessons , and all of them feel that their English has improved over the course of the stay. I was very impressed with the diversity of activities on offer.

Edwards Pain, group leader - Italy


Both fun and educational. Why aren't all schools like this?

Stefania, Iceland


The teachers were amazing - kind, welcoming, friendly.

Constanza, Chile


The best thing about the Globe English Centre? Small groups, and the way of teacing is very personal, aimed at individual needs.

Erwin, The Netherlands (


During my course, I improved a lot, and continue to do so today with the resources I learnt during my stay . The teachers and staff felt like home and they helped me gain confidence on myself and my English skills. 

Valentina, Italy 


The best thing about the Globe English Centre is the quality of teaching and facilities, like the self-access centre.

Erich, Switzerland (   


My time at the Globe English Centre was one of the best experiences in my life. I enjoyed every moment.

Andrea, Columbia (


It’s a centre fo great opportunities for people who want to learn English.

Angelica, Columbia (


My family was very open-minded, friendly and funny. They really did their best to make sure I feel at home.

Olga, Columbia (


The administration staff were very efficient, organised, kind and polite. People were always available to help.

Edwin, Columbia (


Very helpful teachers, friendly environment, a town full of wonderful architecture. 

Jana, Czech Republic (


Very skilled teachers with a lot of experience. Different methodologies that I observed and appreciated as part of my CLIL class.

Piera, Italy (


Very warm and charming welcome. The teachers did a great job – they were very organised and helpful. The atmosphere was always very familiar and we appreciated our stay.

Charly, Switzerland (


The different social activities allowed us to practise English and share authentic experiences. Thank you!

Sylvie, France (


Very friendly teachers and staff. Interesting activities, great way of dealing with younger students. My daughter (9 years old) liked it very much!

Silke, Germany 


Great placements in a wonderful city, perfect for school groups. The staff were extremely helpful and responded quickly to our needs.

Daniela Weitensfelder, work placement group leader (STA Travel, Austria)


My host family was very kind and treated me like a daughter. I felt like I was at home. I had an amazing time here at the Globe - I recommend this experience to everyone who wants to improve the language, have fun and spend time in a fantastic city.

Sylvie, Italy


I had a good time at the Globe. I have a lot of new friends and new experiences about cultures, customs and education.

Chaladchalam, Thailand


The lessons were never boring, class materials motivated me and the teachers were more like friends helping you. The Globe was a very good choice and the lessons were great!

Lucas, Germany


I adored the fact that the classes were different from the way people usually think about them. I enjoyed speaking to the others, exchanging opinions, learning lots of new things, improving my pronunciation and playing games. I really enjoyed the project about creating a story and taking photos around the city.

Marta, Italy


I like this city, the people and the food! Thank you for everything you've done! Thank you for being patient! I'll miss you and hope to see you again.

Merve, Austria


People at the Globe were always happy and answered all my questions.

Nadine, Germany


My host family couldn't be better! Very friendly and nice, like my own family.

Louise, Switzerland


I am writing to you in order to thank all the directive team and staff from the Globe Centre for giving me so much aid to prepare the C1 exams od Cambridge, which, I am glad to communicate, I passed succesfully. All the time I had classes on the Globe I felt really comfortable, always guided by excellent teachers and I learned a lot, with well-focused themes and a nice environment with other students around the world.

Pablo Pastor Vidal, Spain


Everybody was encouraging, enthusiastic and welcoming.

Eva, France


The teachers were very nice and patient with us. Lessons were very educational, always amusing - I loved it!

Diane, France


The classes made you feel very welcome and the teachers were very friendly and kind to me. They helped me a lot, and the host family was very nice to me. They helped me practice my English, and I felt very welcomed. I was very happy that the students were from other countries like me, so I didn't feel like it was only me who came from another country.

Hamid Nahil T Alderi, Saudi Arabia


Very good teachers, perfect atmosphere to learn English, useful facilities to help you learn quickly. My stay here at the Globe English Centre was such an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Benedito Dumbo, Angola


I am very glad to have found a host family as funny, friendly and plain awesome as this one. They made my stay here even more comfortable.

Dominic, Switzerland


I will recommend the Globe English Centre to my friends because it is the best place to learn English.

Katja Schulz, Germany


All teachers had a lot in common - kindness, ability to explain different aspects of language, and a sense of humour. I will recommend the Globe English Centre to my friends because this school's way of teaching and learning brings results.

Veronika Valachova, Czech Republic


Professional, kind, nice teachers with a great sense of humour!

Baeta, Spain


I had a very warm welcome and the administration was very helpful, no matter what tricky questions I had. Thank you! I had a good time at the Globe, and my child too. She left the school being absolutely sure she can do anything and that studying is a pleasure.

Tatiana Diakhovets, Russia


We will be back next year!

Michael Bott, Germany


The best thing about the Globe was meeting people from different countries, small groups, the ability to have our children with us and native teachers.

Ulrike, Switzerland


I would recommend the Globe English Centre because it has a high standard of teaching, it's in a beautiful city and it's a lovely place to stay!

Astrid, Switzerland


My hosts were very friendly and interested in talking about different topics. If I come back, it will be a pleasure for me to stay with the same hosts. Thank you very much!

Angelika, Germany 


My hosts were very interested in everything I did and knew a lot about Exeter's cultural life, including recommendations for things to do.

Wagner, Germany


My host family was amazing. I felt like home since the first day we arrived.

Sofia, Spain


There is nothing to improve! All teachers give just enough information about teaching techniques and methodology. They are all very friendly and well educated.

Talita Seropyan, Russia


I had an incredible time here! One of my best summer vacations! I want to thank everyone who made my stay here so extraordinary.

Egil Fridriksson, Iceland


Very professional teachers; every lesson was interesting, useful and exciting.

Victoria Slavina, Russia


I am writing this mail to thank you for the great job and course we had with the 10 teachers from Colombia.  You were always meeting our requirements and helping us out with anything we needed; every detail was taken into account.  There was even a teacher with us at the coach station on Saturday when we took the coach to London.Thank you very much for all the support and great experience you helped the teachers live.  We will be in touch so we can organize everything for next year.

Luz Adriana Lopera Orozco, Colombia


The best things about the Globe is the excellent relationship between teachers, students and staff, and the excellent methodology of teaching.

Lionel Urrutia, Chile


It was great fun and instead of boring grammar lessons, I learned a lot of general things about life! The teachers were very friendly, funny and always ready to help.

Umbeline, Switzerland


The teachers were all committed, professional, kind and informal which made classes interesting, enlightening and good fun.

Ulla Christensen, Denmark


The Self-Access Centre supported self-studies efficiently and I consider this room to be absolutely vital for my learning process.

Federica Potenza, Germany


Methodology sessions were very useful. I've got some good ideas for my own lessons at home.

Teacher Training course student, Germany


The best thing about the Globe is the brilliant preparation for special needs and wishes of the group. The teachers are motivated, very professional vith an individual approach.

Teacher Training course student, Germany


Once again, thanks so much for your arrangement during our stay! Our principal, teachers and students enjoy our time in school and in their homestay. They give very positive feedback on the small class size, interesting day excursions, teaching pedagogy, warm and nice host family, etc.

Jason Chong, Hong Kong


I am very satisfied of my stay in Exeter. Your center is great, my host family was brilliant and my work was interesting. I will definitely recommend your center to my friends in France and to my university.

Jacques Maze, France


I'd like to thank all the team from the Globe for the week I spent in the school! I came end of July with my husband and our 3 children and spent only 1 week, so short... ! We really had a great experience in Exeter - the school was excellent, the teachers were professional and very friendly.

Carole Chapelon, France


Due to the small classes, I improved my English a lot. After only one week, the difference was phenomenal.

Claudia van der Laan, The Netherlands


The social activities provide plenty of variety and a perfect opportunity to practice English and make new friends.

Jolanta Kowalczyk, Poland


The course materials were very good. The topics were very different which made the lessons even more exciting. It was a great experience which I won't forget - the whole package is excellent. I also liked the familiar atmosphere - everyone from the receptionists to the teachers were very kind.

Henrik Westermann, Germany


I found my teachers to very inspirational and up to date with the different workbooks and materials.

Camilla Friis, Denmark


The social activities were varied and always fun! I enjoyed the trips and the pub nights.

Valeria Gianinazzi, Switzerland


It was great to have the Junior school next to the Adult school because my children were close to me.

Christine Spranger, Austria


My host family was very nice and hospitable - it was like being at home! I took part in family events as well.

Olga Felde, Russia


The groups are small, and the teachers are passionate about their work.

Mathilde Ramat, France


The teachers are very motivating, patient and flexible - they adapt the programme to students' requests.

Claudio Cavicchiolo, Switzerland


The best thing about the Globe is the opportunity to communicate with our children in break times.

Ainars Vanags, Latvia


We were offered many options by our agency but found the Globe to be the most suitable for the whole family.

Matheislov family, Czech Republic


Absolutely fantastic! Really good teachers and amazing lessons!

Camila Gomes, Brazil


The administration staff were always very polite, helpful and quick with arranging things. I felt I was treated more like a friend than a client. You create a wonderful atmosphere!

Barbara, Germany



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