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Accommodation for families

The Globe welcomes families from all over the world throughout the year. We can offer a range of accommodation options to suit your needs.

Globe self-catering apartments

The Globe operates private self - catering apartments which come fully equipped with everything you will need during your stay with us. They are available on a private, as well as shared basis. Please visit the Globe Self-catering Accommodation page for details.

Hotel accommodation 

Exeter and the surrounding countryside offer a wide range of hotels which we are happy to recommend and reserve for you. There are many good hotels within minutes' walk of the Globe. Please visit the Hotel Accommodation page for recommendations.

Host family accommodation

This is an opportunity for our students to live with a local British family, enjoy the local traditions and cuisine. Most importantly - an excellent chance to practice English in a family setting. Please visit the Globe Host Family page to find out more.

If you have any questions about our accommodation services, please contact us on and the Globe team will be happy to help.