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Business English

Business language coursesIf you need to use English in business, this course will help you develop the necessary language for meetings, presentations, telephoning, and other professional activities allowing you to take part in international business with more confidence.

Business English is a negotiated tailor-made course. Students are asked to give brief details in advance of when and why they need to use English. This is followed with a detailed needs analysis on the first day. This information is used by the business teacher to prepare a suitable programme and is reviewed regularly during the course so that classes can be adapted to students' changing needs.

Students must be of an Intermediate standard to take this course. However, we offer courses for lower levels if we are informed in advance. We can also arrange visits to local companies, if required.

Sample Topics

  • Formal letters / writing memos / faxes / e-mails
  • Presentations - yourself / your company / new products
  • Socialising and cultural Awareness
  • Business news / financial vocabulary
  • Telephoning / booking a plane / train / hotel etc
  • Marketing and advertising
  • The language of trends - describing graphs
  • Sales and negotiations
  • The world of work - writing CVs, job applications, attending interviews

Overview of the course

  • Age - 21+
  • Level of English - intermediate to advanced
  • Start Dates - every Monday
  • Duration - Minimum 1 week, maximum 4 weeks.
  • Average in class - 4, maximum - 6.
  • Social Programme - a choice of activities and excursions
  • Free use of the self-access centre
  • Homework - daily
  • Course certificate


If you have any questions about the Business programme, please contact us on and the Globe team will be happy to help.