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English Plus

This course is designed for students who wish to hope to join mainstream education in Britain. It is also suitable for students who would like to study for more than the 15 hours of classes offered on our Discovery Programme (General English programme).

ESLThe English Plus programme combines General English with study skills and curriculum subjects. Students have 15 hours of General English per week. In addition they have three afternoons of curriculum studies (4.5 hours) plus 2 afternoons of cultural visits, sports or excursions.

During the English Plus classes we aim to develop students' ability to learn by themselves. Students are encouraged to read on a regular basis and write a review on what they have read. We help students to develop their research skills through project work, which focuses on researching information on the internet (in our Self-Access Centre, supervised by our teachers) and at the library in Exeter. Students are encouraged to give regular presentations, which in turn improves their communicative skills. Where possible, we arrange visits to local schools where students can meet and chat to British teenagers and where our students give a talk on different aspects of life in their country.

The curriculum studies focus on the core subjects of the National Curriculum in Britain. These include:

  • English Language and Literature
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Maths
  • Religious Studies

In addition we offer, where appropriate, an introduction to:

  •  Art
  • Drama
  • Business Studies

Curriculum studies are language-focused. The aim is to familiarise students with the language for each subject but inevitably students will also learn a lot about the subject itself. The course also introduces students to life in Britain and British Culture. As different students have different needs, the English Plus programme is written specifically for whoever is on the course at any particular time.

Overview of the course

  • Age 13 +
  • Level of English - lower intermediate to advanced
  • Start dates - on demand
  • Duration - minimum 10 weeks
  • Average in class - 4, maximum - 14
  • Social programme - 2 afternoon activities, 2 social evenings and 1 Saturday excursion
  • Homework - daily
  • Certificate and progress report

If you have any questions about the English Plus programme, please contact us on and the Globe team will be happy to help.