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Examination programmes

If your aim is to improve your career prospects or enter a British university, look no further than our Examination programmes. These are 10-week preparation courses for all Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC) and IELTS.  

Examination at Globe English CentreThe aim of the Examination programme is to familiarise you with all exam components and to give practice in exam skills. Examination programmes are coursebook-based, however, there is a wide range of supplementary materials available in our Self-study centre. All students will have the opportunity to do a mock exam, usually around week 8. The actual exams are taken locally and are timed to take place immediately after the course has finished.


Levels and Exams

On average students move up four Globe levels during an academic year. If a student comes to us as a beginner, we would expect them to reach upper-intermediate by the end of the year. However, this is only a guideline as not all students progress at the same rate. To enter British Universities and Colleges, students are usually required to have reached at least FCE or IELTS score 5.5. For guaranteed entry students need CAE or CPE, or equivalent IELTS score. Here is a look at how the levels correspond and exams are structured:

Globe Levels

Cambridge Exams


 Post Advanced  CPE  9
 Advanced  CAE & BEC H  7.5
 Upper-Intermediate  FCE & BEC V  5.5
 Intermediate  PET & BEC P  5-4-3
 Pre-Intermediate  KET  2.5
 Elementary    2
 Beginner    1




    Overview of the course
  • Age - 17+
  • Level of English - pre-intermediate to advanced
  • Start Dates - according to exam dates - please enquire
  • Duration - Minimum 10 weeks
  • Average in class - 2, maximum - 6.
  • Social Programme - a choice of activities and excursions
  • Free use of the self-access centre
  • Homework - daily.
  • Regular testing and a mock exam
  • Course certificate


If you have any questions about our Examination programmes, please contact us on and the Globe team will be happy to help.