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This is an activity and task-based course for young learners aged 7-10. We introduce language through "doing" - using published EFL materials but supplemented extensively with cross-curricular activities and project work.

Maximum class size is 10. Lessons are dynamic and varied and our main focus is on listening and speaking skills to develop confidence in coping with a new language and being in a different country.

Explorers at Globe English Centre

In summer explorers have their own leisure programme with activities geared towards younger learners and aimed at consolidating language through experience. We use a variety of both published EFL books and authentic materials such as dvds, songs, games and comics. We also have a craft room with pens, paint, play dough, cooking equipment, dressing up clothes and other craft materials to encourage creativity and interaction. 

The first day at the school is very important - we need to see how much English students know and students need to make friends to feel happy and relaxed. For this reason Explorers are not formally tested. Instead, all explorers meet for some fun and games to help them get to know their new classmates. They will do a variety of activities that help us assess their English, including their reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling and pronunciation. The teachers will then put students in the class most suited to their ability. This happens every Monday as assessment is ongoing and provides an opportunity to re-assess childrens levels to ensure they remain in the correct class. Activities may be similar but material will not be repeated.

Overview of the course

  • Age 7 - 10
  • Level of English - beginner to intermediate
  • Start Dates - every Monday
  • Duration - Minimum 1 week, maximum 10 weeks.
  • Average in class - 4, maximum - 10.
  • Social Programme - Please see the sample programme below.
  • Homework - twice a week.
  • Certificate and Progress Report.
  • Supervised transfers host family - Globe - host family

Explorer Social Programme

If you have any questions about the Explorer programme, please contact us on and the Globe team will be happy to help.